About Mama

Loretta Wetzel aka Mama Soul Wisdom has not always had an easy life. Growing up in Chicago, what was lacking in money was made up multiple fold by loving parents, siblings and pets. Educated in the public school system during her elementary school years and living near public housing known as "the projects" restricted her access to extracurricular activities. Her father worked for the post office at night and operated a newspaper distributorship in the afternoon as his "side hustle." Her mother stayed at home, raised the family and did the bookkeeping while teaching Loretta business principles along the way.


Loretta's love for reading newspapers and ANY book she could borrow from the library helped her parents see her potential. They scraped together enough funds to send her to a private high school which was just the beginning of her education journey which would continue through college, graduate school and receiving certifications.


Mama Soul Wisdom's successful professional career has included working for non-profit organizations, corporate America and entrepreneurship for over 40 years. Personally, being married and having three beautiful and grown children NOT living in her basement and being independent and successful in their own right prompted the idea of sharing her knowledge with others. Mama Soul Wisdom's wide range of experience and life lessons coupled with education has provided the substance for providing OLD SCHOOL wisdom for a NEW Generation.   


Her PASSION is to share this wisdom with all of you so that you too can have successful 5-dimensional families! Most people want to feel like they are DOIN’ RIGHT BY THEIR FAMILY!


Loretta Wetzel 

Life-Coach/Parent/Business Owner/Podcaster/Speaker

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