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Old School Wisdom is a social culture rooted in the life advice our elders shared while growing up. We did not always understand the “pearls of wisdom” as young children and adults. Now, the new generation is looking for ways to integrate the experiences of our past generations with today’s environment, to grow in family and community strength.


We use generational experience, knowledge and compassion and apply it to today’s modern situations. Providing OLD school wisdom for a NEW generation is a way for families and generations to stay rooted in love while exploring new possibilities to connect and prosper in life. If you've longed for some OLD SCHOOL WISDOM, that's our purpose!



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How Old School Wisdom Will Impact Your Life


If you have struggled in the past raising a successful family, it’s really not your fault!


--If you've ever thought that the media (especially the news), want you to fail when it comes to raising your family, you're probably right

--If you've ever thought the legal system wants you to fail by supporting the prison economy, it's probably true


--If you've ever thought the traditional education system in low economic neighborhoods wants you to fail when it comes to raising your family, you're spot-on


--If you've ever thought the big corporations with inflexible work schedules want you to fail when it comes to raising your family, you're probably accurate


--There are those who are open-minded and looking for opportunity and those who are close-minded and have the dreams sucked out of them by their employer. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?


We're here to show you how to use “OLD school wisdom for a NEW generation” so our families can THRIVE! I want to help people who want to raise successful families, especially Black and  multicultural families while providing them with a competitive edge for success!

The "6 Ps"

The Fundamentals of my Old School Wisdom







Get Poppin' 



I will give you the tools necessary to:

  • Financially support your family AND have enough free time to spend with your loved ones
  •  Build strong, open relationships with your children
  • Find your unique purpose in life
  • Create a successful life inside and outside of the household

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